Daily Stoic: Stoicism for Pain, Anger, and Anxiety

I recently contributed a series of articles to the Daily Stoic website, mainly focused on Stoic psychological techniques and their relationship with cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT). First, though, a couple of interviews:

Here are three articles on different aspects of Stoic therapy:

  1. Stoicism and Pain Management
  2. Stoicism and Anger Management
  3. Stoicism and Anxiety Management
How to Think Like a Roman Emperor

Forty Reviews of How to Think Like a Roman Emperor

How to Think Like a Roman Emperor

My latest book How to Think Like a Roman Emperor: The Stoic Philosophy of Marcus Aurelius was published by St. Martin’s on 2nd April. It was #1 bestseller in philosophy for a couple of weeks, based on industry sales figures, and has been the #1 Amazon new release in Greek and Roman philosophy since publication. Early reviews have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Publisher’s Weekly, PsychCentral, and the Small Wars Journal, a military periodical.

It currently has a five star rating from forty reviewers on Amazon US, 4.4 stars from 189 reviewers on Goodreads, and 4.7 from 196 reviewers on Audible.

Facebook Groups for Stoicism

Emperors in Gallery

There are now lots of online communities for people interested in Stoicism. There are several large communities for Stoic philosophy in general but increasingly more specialized groups have appeared. It’s interesting to see which topics have their own communities now.

I run a large Stoicism group called Stoicism Group (Stoic Philosophy), which was founded in 2013 and currently has around 48,600 members. Here are some others. I’ll keep adding more so please comment below if you want to suggest any…





New Facebook Group for Stoicism and the Military

The Stoic Warrior is a page dedicated to the philosophy of Stoicism and how it specifically relates to those that serve in and support the military around the world. Stoicism is an ancient western philosophy with its founding in ancient Greece and then popularized in Rome. It is a philosophy of life inspired by Socrates and created into a school of philosophical thinking by Zeno of Citium around 300 BC. Its focus is on Stoic virtue as the highest order of discipline for achieving a content mind, living according to one’s nature, and the understanding that it is our judgements which are the one thing that is within our control.

Wharton School Podcast: Stoicism

How to Think Like a Roman Emperor

Here’s the transcript of an interview I did recently for Wharton business school radio, along with the transcript.

Wharton School Podcast

It has been republished on the website of the World Economic Forum.

Also see the review of How to Think Like a Roman Emperor in The Wall Street Journal. And there’s an older article which I contributed to by Carrie Sheffield in Forbes magazine.

Listen to How to Think Like a Roman Emperor on Audiobook

Roman Emperor Audio Cover

There’s something unusual about the final chapter of my latest book How to Think Like a Roman Emperor: The Stoic Philosophy of Marcus Aurelius. It describes the dying moments of the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius from his own, first person, perspective. It was deliberately intended to resemble a guided meditation script, with the knowledge in mind that some people would be listening to it on audiobook. I’m pleased that people have noticed this. Some have said they’ve listened to it repeatedly, maybe five or six times already.

At first my publisher considered using voice actor to record the audiobook but we finally decided that I should record it myself. So I went to Voodoo Highway studios in Toronto. It had to be completed quickly because I was due to fly to Carnuntum in Austria. So we had some long recording sessions, maybe eight or more hours more or less straight at the microphone. On the final day, I brought my suitcase and after we finished I jumped in a taxi straight to the airport.

The audiobook version, available from Audible, has been extremely popular and has already been reviewed by well over a hundred individuals. The overall rating currently stands at 4.8 out of five stars. You can read the reviews online. A lot of people have told me they purchased both the hardback and audiobook versions.

You can also listen to a sample clip from the audiobook using the Soundcloud app below…