Cognitive-Behavioural Hypnotherapy

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This is a comprehensive evidence-based clinical manual for practitioners of cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapy. Cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapy is increasingly becoming the dominant approach to clinical hypnosis. At a theoretical level, it adopts a research-based cognitive-behavioural model of hypnosis. At a practical level, it closely integrates traditional hypnotherapy and cognitive-behavioural therapy techniques.

This is the first major treatment manual to describe a fully integrated cognitive-behavioural approach to hypnotherapy, based on current evidence and best practice in the fields of hypnotism and CBT. It is the product of years of work by the author, a cognitive-behavioural therapist and specialist in clinical hypnosis, with over fifteen years’ experience in the therapy field.

This book should be essential reading for anyone interested in modern evidence-based approaches to clinical hypnosis. It’s also an important resource for cognitive-behavioural therapists interested in the psychology of suggestion and the use of mental imagery techniques.


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Customer Reviews

One of the very best

Wonderfully clear, comprehensive textbook on clinical hypnosis and its logical relationship with cognitive-behavioural therapy.

Robertson is the most transparent writer on hypnosis that I have ever read, and this book is as good as any if you want an up-to-date understanding of the subject. It’s very readable for an intelligent layman, and frankly there’s so much rubbish out there that you need to start with top-quality ones like this.

Couldn’t recommend it more.
-Tawny H.

Five Stars

As described and extremely useful book for those pursuing a career as a Hypnotherapist .


Routledge | Barnes & Noble | Amazon | Karnac Books | Waterstones | Book Depository |

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