Stoicism And The Art Of Happiness

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The Stoics lived a long time ago, but they had some startling insights into the human condition-insights which endure to this day. The philosophical tradition, founded in Athens by Zeno of Citium in 301 BC, endured as an active movement for almost 500 years, and contributions from dazzling minds such as Cicero, Seneca, and Marcus Aurelius helped create a body of thought with an extraordinary goal-to provide a rational, healthy way of living in harmony with the nature of the universe and in respect of our relationships with each other.

In many ways a precursor to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Stoicism provides an armamentarium of strategies and techniques for developing psychological resilience, while celebrating all in life which is beautiful and important. By learning what Stoicism is, you can revolutionize your life and learn how to seize the day, live happily and be a better person.

This simple, empowering book shows how to use this ancient wisdom to make practical, positive changes in your life. Using thought-provoking case studies, highlighting key ideas and things to remember and providing tools for self-assessment, it demonstrates that Stoicism is a proven, profound pathway to happiness.

Customer Reviews

Best book I’ve read this year

Absolutely loved this. Great entry to stoicism. Well written with concise examples and practical exercises. Outstanding read

-Glen M.

The ABCs of Stoicism

This is an excellent book on the basics of Stoic philosophy, with an emphasis on Stoic practices and exercises. It could be read straight through (this is what I did), but it could easily be used a reference because the structure of the book is so strictly outlined and divided into sections according to the outline. The content was clear and concise, and a reader with little or no previous philosophical knowledge should be able to understand it. This book was really indispensable for a new Stoic like me. -Jared A.

 A Serious Work of Love on the Stoic Ideals

This is easily my favorite modern book on Stoicism to date. I loved the scholarly and precise language which was so clear but not condescending or pedantic. You could feel the author’s enthusiasm and dedication to his subject matter ooze out of each page. It was written just at my level, a fervent beginner who wanted to grasp the real intent behind Stoicism. This is an in-depth introduction that will leave you with a solid foundation which you can then use to continue your pursuit of understanding the Stoic ideals.


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