Donald Robertson


Donald is a writer, cognitive-behavioural psychotherapist and trainer. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH).

Donald specializes in teaching evidence-based psychological skills, and known as an expert on the relationship between modern psychotherapy (CBT) and classical Greek and Roman philosophy.

Read more about Donald and his credentials here.

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Is there another expression for taking the perspective of the View from Above? Something like Becoming Aeon(?)Please advise.

Becoming Aeon might refer to the same concept, or something similar. You might call it the Olympian perspective but the “View from Above” seems to be the term people prefer, following Hadot.

Donald Robertson

I heard you on BBC today. I found this video of the course you had conducted very interesting.
Could you collaborate with EDX and Coursera to make your courses available online?
You would secure a much larger audience worldwide, people who could not physically attend your courses.
And yes just a point about diversity. Was it that difficult to find a single person of colour to participate in this specific course?
Thank you

Thanks. Well, the video you’re commenting on wasn’t actually a course, it was a workshop between academics and psychologists who volunteered to be involved with the Modern Stoicism project. So, yes, it would be better if the group were more diverse but that was a small group in the south of England and those just happen to be the people who were doing philosophical or psychological research in this niche area. We hold a conference each year which about 400 people attend and always make an effort to have a more diverse group of speakers at that event, although it’s a challenge with a niche area like this. Our courses for Modern Stoicism are available online via our website and they do reach a fairly large audience. This year, for example, over eight thousand people took part in Stoic Week. Perhaps we could reach a larger audience if we collaborated with another platform, though.

Looking forward to the book.
Have followed the Stoic community for a couple of years now and have applied many of the Stoic practices in to my life.
The Jedi community has embraced many aspects of Stoicism in its philosophy as of course there are many parallels. I believe Marcus Aurelius was the First Jedi Master.

Hope you don’t mind the plug on my blog for your book :).



I am on my second reading of Meditations and it is a work everyone needs to read. The only knock on Christians I saw in Meditations was that Marcus felt Christians were to loud and dogmatic in the practice of their faith. Shocker. I live in Texas where Evangelicals love to toot their own horn and use every opportunity to inject fundamentalism on the rest of us. I concur with the always wise Marcus. We really could use a lot of his type in all levels of our government right now.

Hi, I spoke to you at the end of your talk today at the Toronto Library.


The book I mentioned was Good to Great by Jim Collins. I realize you have a backlog of books to read but I do hope you have a chance to glance at it.

Where and when are your next speaking engagements this year 2021, and more other books to be purchased. I am a clinical hypnotherapist and find the stoic practice amazing. I just started reading your book How to think Life a Roman Emperor.

Thanks, Susan Wolshin

I enjoyed , “How to think like a Roman Emperor” but I disagree entirely that we should have ” role models” .
Certainly we learn from our elders ( including their mistakes) , but the idea that we should “model” ourselves on other people only encourages followers and imitators : second-hand people.

(This is probably what the authorities want so we can be easily managed and governed)

What happened to “becoming oneself” : individuation (C.Jung) ? .How can you be yourself if you have modelled yourself on another?

Sorry ,but put simply I think “role models” are a lot of crap.

It is better follow your own destiny imperfectly , than to live an IMITATION [emphasis mine] of somebody else’s life with perfection

— Bhagavad Gita 3.35

Why do you thinkthe work of Dubois and Baudouin was superseded by Freud since they were contemporaries? It seems like Stoic informed therapy was lost for the better part of the 20 th century.

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