Spotlight on How to Think Like a Roman Emperor by the American Philosophical Association (APA)

Read the full article here… What is How to Think Like a Roman Emperor about? How does it fit in with your larger research project? For those of us who are unaware of the nonprofit’s work, can you describe one or two of the ways it has utilized Stoicism to comment on modern living (e.g. […]

Daily Stoic: Stoicism for Pain, Anger, and Anxiety

I recently contributed a series of articles to the Daily Stoic website, mainly focused on Stoic psychological techniques and their relationship with cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT). First, though, a couple of interviews: Interview: Stoicism and the Art of Happiness Interview: Marcus Aurelius’ Psychological Toolkit Here are three articles on different aspects of Stoic therapy: Stoicism and […]

Facebook Groups for Stoicism

There are now lots of online communities for people interested in Stoicism. There are several large communities for Stoic philosophy in general but increasingly more specialized groups have appeared. It’s interesting to see which topics have their own communities now. I run a large Stoicism group called Stoicism Group (Stoic Philosophy), which was founded in […]