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Video: Interview about How to Think Like a Roman Emperor

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One of the better interviews on this book. Less “canned” with more detailed presentation. It helped to have good questions from the interviewer.

Fascinating story Donald! Those aspects leading up to the point where you embraced Stoicism parallels with my own in some respects, and your life style is similar to my own, such as being frugal and the like. Your writing process makes really good sense too; it seems more or less Stoic in nature. How amazing it must be to speak with your daughter about such concepts in an attempt to simply things. Sometimes I read my expository writings to my room-mate, and it helps me a great deal when it comes to making revisions. Anyways you sold me on this book, but I’m presently reading your 2018 publication of Stoicism and the Art of Happiness, which is really good by the way, so as soon as it’s done, then it’s on to How to Think Like a Roman Emperor! Will probably write some commentaries on both books and post them on my WordPress blog. Keep up the good work!

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