Notes on Stoic Ethics in Cicero’s De Finibus

These are my rough notes summarizing the discussion of Stoic Ethics in Cicero’s De Finibus.  Cicero puts these words in the mouth of his deceased friend, the Stoic republican hero Cato of Utica.  It’s very interesting to compare this to the similar discussion in Diogenes Laertius, our other major source for Stoic Ethics.  The main… Continue reading Notes on Stoic Ethics in Cicero’s De Finibus

Lorem ipsum and the Meaning of Life

Lorem ipsum is the famous placeholder text used in graphic design but does it contain the meaning of life? Scholars have identified that the mangled Latin used as filler for designing text layout is based on a passage from Cicero’s philosophical treatise De Finibus. It contains a discussion of the Epicurean doctrine about the purpose of human life, but does it say anything important?