Stoicism on the Slo Mo Podcast

Really enjoyed talking with @MGawdat about Stoicism on Slo Mo podcast. I think it’s one of the best podcasts I’ve done for How to Think Like a Roman Emperor!

Jagatjoti Khalsa – How To Lead With Your Heart Slo Mo: A Podcast with Mo Gawdat

I am inviting you to join a conversation with a friend Jagatjoti Khalsa as we’re pondering life like two grumpy old men. I met Jagatjoti at an event with Tony Robbins a few years ago. We were invited there to play our part in teaching what we know. He was teaching meditation, looking like a serious yogi. He has an amazing calm on stage. We had breakfast together the next morning and man…what a shrewd businessman! He's had a big role in many successful startups, but the duality of that beautiful soul along with a shrewd businessman, and calmness… We stayed in touch as friends and decided we will chat one day in front of you all. And today is the day. Jagatjoti Khalsa is a US-based entrepreneur, yogi and author of two books , Altar Your Space: A Guide to a Restorative Home; and I’m Down with You, An Inspired Journey, a book that shares through portraits and stories, the community of Down syndrome. He has also successfully launched many start-ups across different industries.  Listen as we discuss:03:00 – The trials of 2023 from mental illness in the US to the global rise of authoritarianism 07:00 – Innocent until proven guilty in the US 10:00 – The projection monkeys 15:00 – Dialogues of discovery 17:00 – Becoming Sikh – from apples and honey to the turban 22:00 – Why did God make me like this? 25:00 – Teachers who shape our lives 30:00 – Discovering divinity 32:00 – My True Beloved 35:00 – The Milkman and Deliveroo 38:00 – Rhythm of the Raag 41:00 – The Golden Temple 45:00 – Music and mantra 47:30 – Morphing slowly 49:00 – Leading with my heart 55:00 – A Temple conference 59:00 – The businessman 01:00:00 – Pizza together 01:04:00 – Fair share 01:06:00 – Equality and food waste 01:10:00 – A Love Story 01:12:00 – Bedtime stories, wisdom stories 01:14:00 – Tagore’s poem 01:17:00 – Attaining the goal Connect with Jagatjoti on LinkedInYouTube: @mogawdatofficialInstagram: @mo_gawdatFacebook: @mo.gawdat.officialTwitter: @mgawdatLinkedIn: /in/mogawdatWebsite: mogawdat.comDon't forget to subscribe to Slo Mo for new episodes every Saturday. Only with your help can we reach One Billion Happy #onebillionhappy
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