Stoicism on the Slo Mo Podcast

Really enjoyed talking with @MGawdat about Stoicism on Slo Mo podcast. I think it’s one of the best podcasts I’ve done for How to Think Like a Roman Emperor!

Zoe Blaskey (Part 1) – The Antidote to the Toxic Perfectionism of Motherhood Slo Mo: A Podcast with Mo Gawdat

Today's guest is Zoe Blaskey.Zoe is the founder of Motherkind, a self empowerment platform for modern mums. Through Motherkind, Zoe coaches mothers of all backgrounds from Global CEO's to full time moms on how to navigate the huge challenges of modern motherhood.Zoe hosts the Motherkind Podcast, which is the UK's number one family podcast on iTunes and speaks every week to world leading experts on a range of topics from self care, mental health, career, nutrition and parenting. The Telegraph celebrated the podcast as 'the antidote to the toxic perfectionism of modern motherhood'.In Part 1, listen as we discuss:The anxiety and perfectionism of being a new mom.The inner changes of becoming a mom or dad are so discombobulating.Why it's okay to not feel overwhelming love when your child is born.Matrescence, the pruning process of becoming a mother.How we learn our parenting from our parents.Why moms need coaching.The effects of having kids on your relationship.The ten minute, ultra honest check in with your partner.People should take the decision to have kids more seriously.Nobody really feels ready to have kids.Facebook: @mo.gawdat.officialTwitter: @mgawdatLinkedIn: /in/mogawdatWebsite: with Frankie Ward on Instagram at @motherkind_zoe  and her website, motherkind.coDon't forget to subscribe to Slo Mo for new episodes every Sunday and Thursday. Only with your help can we reach One Billion Happy #onebillionhappyMy new book, Scary Smart, is releasing September 30. Pre-order your copy here.
  1. Zoe Blaskey (Part 1) – The Antidote to the Toxic Perfectionism of Motherhood
  2. Zoe Blaskey (Part 2) – Matrescence, Present Parenting, and Why Children are Born Whole
  3. Frankie Ward – Girl Gamers, Dream Jobs, and Why You Should Never Burn Bridges
  4. Peter Rennert (Part 1) – Rising to the Top, the Role of Fear, and a Change of Priorities
  5. Peter Rennert (Part 2) – How to Live on the Effortless Path with Mind-Body Harmony

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