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I have applied Stoicism to contemporary and contentious problems (climate change, vegetarianism, immigration, economic inequality) that challenge us in the 21st century.

My unique selling point is that I have combined my philosophical and engineering/applied science expertise, to give readers a more in-depth understanding of the complexity of the problems and their potential solutions from a Stoic perspective. (website)

Quotes from others:

The Stoicism and sustainability lecturer and researcher Kai Whiting’s work centers around applying ancient wisdom to these challenges, how the “life well-lived” translates into something bigger than our personal endeavors – Daily Stoic

“Of the talks I liked this morning, particularly liked the one on “Stoicism and sustainability”. He made a very clear talk. My eldest son is an environmental scientist, I was thinking “I wish he was here” – Stoicon 2018, audience member

“The one that really inspired me is the sustainability [talk]. Stoicism has always been about myself, not necessarily about the wider world… but that’s given me a bit of a different perspective on it” Stoicon 2018, audience member

Topics I Cover

(The brackets are just so you can see, where the expertise comes from)

  • Kleomenes III and Sphaerus’ Stoic social and land reforms in Sparta (Chapter 7)
  • Stoicism and progressive education (Chapter 7, academic paper and chapter)
  • Stoicism and unjust Economic Inequality (Chapter 5)
  • The contemporary sage (various podcasts)
  • Stoic God (Chapter 8, various academic papers)
  • Stoicism and Islam (Chapter 8)
  • Environment, climate change (various)
  • Stoicism and politics (chat with Greg Sadler)
  • Stoicism and immigration (Chapter 6)
  • Stoicism and fate (Chapter 4, the cylinder and the dog to the cart)


  • The story of the REAL connection between Stoicism and Sparta
  • How Stoicism offers solutions to educators
  • Stoicism is not indifferent to politics and certain types of activism (Cato, Cicero, Julius Caesar etc)
  • Stoicism for a better world: The missing component of self-help
  • The immigration stories in Stoicism (Zeno, Cleanthes, Chrysippus)
  • Taking Stoicism Beyond the Self: The Power To Change Society

Media Questions

  • Why do you say that Stoicism is anything but a “dead white man” philosophy?
  • “Silicon Valley Stoicism” focuses on corporate exploits, but your book says Stoicism is much more community based than that – where have they got it wrong?
  • You state that self-help shouldn’t be only about the self. Doesn’t that seem like a contradiction in terms?
  • Stoicism is an ancient philosophy but yet your book talks about climate breakdown, the civil rights movement and economic inequality. How can you say that ancient wisdom has something to say about modern life?
  • Stoicism and Sparta are often linked by male lifehackers because of a perceived sense of toughness but your book talks about a Spartan Queen and land reforms! Why is the popularity perception and historic reality so different?
  • In your book, you tell the story of Muslims bridging the gap between themselves and the local English community through the building of an eco-mosque. Why do you say that is a good “Stoic” example? Is Islam and Stoicism the same?
  • How can Stoicism help us build community and cope with COVID?

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