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Zoom: Stoicism and Anger

Come and join our free Zoom webinar hosted by Matt Sharpe at Deakin University, Melbourne.

The Stoics considered anger to be the main focus of their therapy of the soul. We’re lucky enough to have an entire text by Seneca, On Anger, but Marcus Aurelius also talks extensively about anger in The Meditations. In one key passage, he lists ten distinct cognitive strategies for coping with anger, which can be compared to strategies employed in modern cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT).

When: Friday August 28th, 10.30am (Melbourne, Australia time)

2 replies on “Zoom: Stoicism and Anger”

Gandhi –did some of the best work at controlling his anger,
He definitely was from a different tradition–but he parallels the Stoics well

Dear Donald, thanks for the invitation to this webinar on Stoicism and Anger

Regarding the link in the page however, it should be modified/corrected to link to the proper zoom site – the address includes a link: before the https://… that is making the link go wrong.

Looking forward to next Friday 28th.


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