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Tim Ferriss on Stoicism and the Art of Happiness

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Tim Ferriss recently brought out his own edition of the letters of Seneca, called The Tao of Seneca, which includes an interview I did about Stoicism. He also included Stoicism and the Art of Happiness in his recommended reading list:

Donald Robertson’s book [Stoicism and the Art of Happiness] was highly recommended by the Stoic community on Reddit. The book has great reviews and as one reader wrote, “In my opinion, Robertson is superior to Hadot, Long, or any other writer on Stoicism because of his psychotherapy background and his ability to reach the common man.”

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One reply on “Tim Ferriss on Stoicism and the Art of Happiness”

I firmly agree,
The Psychotherapy background adds incredible depth.

“My dear Lucillus make this your business in life; you must learn how to feel Joy ” Seneca

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