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Video: Four Emotional Resilience Strategies from The Stoic Socrates

Short video about four resilience strategies described by Socrates in Plato’s Republic Book 10.

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2 replies on “Video: Four Emotional Resilience Strategies from The Stoic Socrates”

How would you compare these four points of Socrates to Seneca’s Consolation to Marcia? Thank you for a thoughtful piece.

Oh, I’d have to spend some time going back over that letter to make a detailed comparison properly, I think. Generally Seneca would agree with all of these points because they all reflect familiar themes that the Stoics take over from Socrates. Seneca’s view of grief, in general, is that it has natural bounds and so although some scholars have seen this part of the Republic as more Aristotelian because Socrates says the wise man will experience moderate emotions rather than no emotions, I would say that’s consistent also with what most Stoics, including Seneca, would state.

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