Please read the FAQs below as they answer at least 90% of the inquiries we receive.  If you still need support please don’t hesitate to contact me using the contact form on this website, rather than by posting comments in the discussion threads. You’ll get a response much more quickly that way and it ensures your question won’t be missed.  If you’ve registered on the site, also make sure you include the same username and email address you entered.  Otherwise, if you have an account, it might be difficult to identify.

Support FAQs

I can’t register on the site / for a course.

At the moment, if you create an account on this site, you will automatically be registered for the current course.  You just need to follow the instructions on the front page and click on the link at the bottom to enter the course.

If you’re having problems creating an account, first try using a different browser or device, and ensure your internet connection is working properly.  If you have an existing WordPress or Google (Gmail or G+) account you can use this to authenticate rather than by receiving an email.  Make sure you’re visiting the correct registration page.

I can’t log into my account.

Make sure you’re visiting the correct login page.  If you can’t remember your password, use the lost password link.  You will need to be able to receive emails to do this so to make sure this is working please add our domain (donaldrobertson.name) to your email client’s safe-sender list, and check your spam filter.  If you’re still having problems, contact me and I’ll reset your password manually.

I’m not receiving emails.

Make sure your email address has been entered correctly in your profile page.  Add our domain (donaldrobertson.name) to your email client’s safe-sender list and check your spam folder.

I’m having problems playing MP4 files on my Apple iPhone / iPad.

Apple make it tricky to play downloaded audio or video content on their mobile devices because they want you to purchase content from iTunes.  You need to download the files to a computer and import them to your iTunes library first and then synch it with your mobile device.  You should then be able to play the content as normal. If you find that MP3 audio files play for a while then stop part-way through, your download may have been corrupted. Try deleting the file and downloading it again, or perhaps use a different device to download.