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In search of ancient wisdom: A Journey across Greece and the Mediterranean World

We have a very special announcement for our members… Tickets are now available to join me, Donald Robertson, for a once in a lifetime cruise, setting sail on March 24th and touring the Ancient Shores of Greece, Italy, and Sicily, until April 7th 2023.  Join us onboard the new expedition cruise ship Diana, for 12 nights, to discuss Greek philosophy.


The Swan Hellenic Diana only has so many cabins available at each price point… so you will have to act fast if you want to reserve your spot for the adventure of a lifetime.  Book now and you’ll also receive a signed copy of my graphic novel, Verissimus: The Stoic Philosophy of Marcus Aurelius.

Beginning in Athens, whose acropolis is the crowning achievement of Classical Greece, we will explore the Bronze Age Minoan palace of Knossos on Crete, walk the streets of medieval Rhodes, and marvel at the Monastery of Chozoviotissa, clinging to the side of a cliff on Amorgos. From the Peloponnesian port of Gytheion, we will visit the Byzantine town of Mystra, before sailing north to the oldest oracular site in Greece at Dodoni and to Emperor Augustus’s city of Nikopolis, built to celebrate his victory at the Battle of Actium. We call in Saranda on the Adriatic coast for an excursion to Butrint, an archaeological site that spans nearly 2500 years from the neolithic to the 19th century, and then cross the Ionian Sea to discover the Baroque splendor of Gallipoli and Lecce. We end this journey into the past with a visit to Syracuse and the marvelous Greek and Roman ruins that still define its Old Town.

Throughout the voyage, I will be giving talks about the origins of Stoic thought, its focus on the art of living well, and its relationship to current modes of wellness and self-improvement.

Learn more about this exciting journey by downloading the full PDF brochure, for details of the itinerary and prices.  This offer is brought to you in collaboration with Classical Wisdom Weekly and Thalassa Journeys. If you’re looking for more specific details about the ship, itinerary or pricing, etc., please contact Thalassa Journeys directly on +1 866-633-3611 or email reservations@thalassajourneys.com.


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