Overview of Week Four

The emphasis this week is on bringing together what you’ve learned so far, broadening its scope to apply across different aspects of your daily routine, and extending it to help prepare for potential setbacks in the future.

This is the overall plan for week four…

  • Lesson. This week focuses on general resilience-building and “relapse prevention” or how to strengthen your Stoic Mindfulness techniques in advance to face a broad range of potential future setbacks.
  • Daily exercise. Your daily exercise is going to change now from being a single-sitting meditation to being a more “rapid and frequent” approach, that requires mindfulness of yourself, and of your Stoic principles, much more regularly throughout the course of each day.
  • Audio recording. This week you’ll be listening to a more intensive 15 minute meditation recording each day, on Stoic premeditation of adversity, that challenges you to mindfully confront imagined future “catastrophes” or setbacks while rehearsing philosophical “indifference”.
  • Self-monitoring. This week, instead of monitoring your thoughts, actions, and feelings, etc., you’re going to work on developing a “blueprint” for future resilience and reviewing it each day, particularly by trying to expand your awareness of the “earl-warning signs” of emotional disturbance or bad habits.
  • Discussion questions. “What would be the pros and cons of continually remembering, when starting to feel distressed about a situation or event, that it’s not things that upset us but our judgements about things?”

In this final week, it’s particularly important that you make full use of the Comments section, if possible. Discussion has the potential to help you resolve any unanswered questions and tackle any remaining obstacles by talking them through with your fellow students. Often just the process of putting a question into writing and sharing it can help people arrive at a new way of looking at things, and find their own solution. However, but the comments you receive from other people can also be extremely valuable, especially if you’re able to contemplate a range of perspectives on the issues you face.

As always, if there’s anything you don’t understand or get stuck with, let us know immediately, by posting on the Comments section or contacting the course facilitator, and we’ll do our very best to help you.

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