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This recording lasts about 15 min. and encourages you to mentally-rehearse coping with an upsetting situation, using mindfulness and your Stoic principles to prepare in advance for a range of anticipated challenges in life.

This week’s recording is very important because the lesson involves a slightly more complex psychological process, which it will be much easier to understand if you’ve used the audio recording.  The recording also differs from those in previous weeks in that it will require a little bit of preparation: just that you have a clear idea beforehand of a specific situation that you can visualise as if it’s happening now.  You should pick a scene that’s mildly upsetting, but not one that might potentially be overwhelming.  Don’t bite off more than you can chew.  Take things in small steps.  You can work on more challenging situations later.

You’re going to patiently replay this scene in your mind, repeatedly.  That will require a little more concentration and patience perhaps than the previous exercises you’ve completed, which is why we’ve kept it until the last week of the course.  You’ll also be asked to make a mental note of the level of subjective discomfort you experience (from 0-100%) – which is normally roughly 30-40% for people working on a relatively mild problem.

Stoic Mindfulness Exercise

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