What Next after Week Three?

Congratulations on completing the lesson for Week Three.  Now it’s time to start putting things into practice!

You should start using the techniques covered right now, if possible, and continue with them each day throughout the following week.  If you think you might have any problems adhering to the daily practices, or need any clarification, get in touch right away with the course facilitator.

However, your first step should be to visit the Comments section below, as soon as you’re ready, and post your thoughts on the question for this week:

What are the benefits of recalling what’s under your control and what isn’t in difficult situations?  What would be the long-term consequences of blurring this distinction?

Here’s a second question for you to consider, and discuss, if you want:

Are the Stoics right to say that only our own actions, in a nutshell, are truly under our control?

Go to the course Comments section now and post your thoughts.

If there’s anything whatsoever you could use help with, either technical stuff or the course content, please don’t hesitate to contact the course facilitator.

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  1. This week we began a remodeling project on our home. It’s proving to be an excellent situation in which to remember what is and is not under my control, and I’m finding that the exercises of these 3 weeks are extremely beneficial. Although there’s much physical disruption and disruption in our normal schedules, everyone is relatively calm and the project is going well.

    Keeping a tally of negative thoughts is quite helpful, also the leaves on a stream exercise.

    The long term consequences of blurring the distinction between under or not under my control is, for me, well illustrated by previous stressful events in my life. This is a vast improvement.