Knowledge Check 3

[q_question title=”The Stoic Passions” text=”The Stoics had a system for labelling the “passions” (desires and emotions) below, and classified them as healthy or unhealthy. Sort them into the correct categories:” items=”Joy|Fear|Craving|Pain|Pleasure|Caution|Wishing” options=”Healthy|Unhealthy” answers=”1,2,2,2,2,1,1″ feedback=”This is tricky because of problems with translation. However, there are four unhealthy passions in ancient Stoic psychology: craving and fear about the future, and (emotional) pleasure and pain in the present.  There are three healthy passions: wishing is the healthy alternative to craving, caution to fear, and joy to pleasure.  There is no healthy alternative to (emotional) pain.”]

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