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This short MP3 recording encourages you to prepare for the day ahead by planning actions and goals consistent with your core values, and preparing to accept setbacks with Stoic equanimity. Try to listen to it at least once, but preferably each evening, if possible.

Evening Meditation: Exercise Only

Some of the ideas covered:

  • Reviewing your goals and actions, from a calm, philosophical perspective.
  • Reviewing your conduct each night in this way helps you to become more mindful during the day.
  • Accept things not up to you with indifference, even if your plans were thwarted.
  • You cannot change the past, focus on what you can learn right now.
  • Study your own character and actions objectively, as if studying someone else.
  • What’s praiseworthy or otherwise?  What’s healthy or unhealthy?  What’s wise or unwise?
  • Giving yourself “marks out of ten” for virtue.
  • Keeping a tally or self-monitoring record will help.
  • Rehearse true philosophical self-love, acting like a wise counselor or friend toward yourself.
  • You may sleep better if this is done well as you’re letting go of worry and viewing the past with indifference.
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