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This short MP3 recording encourages you to prepare for the day ahead by planning actions and goals consistent with your core values, and preparing to accept setbacks with Stoic equanimity.  Try to listen to it at least once, but preferably each morning, if possible. Most web browsers will let you download the MP3 file to your hard drive simply by right-clicking the link below and selecting “Save as…” from the context menu.

Morning Meditation: Exercise Only

It’s meant as a reminder to prepare for the day ahead and briefly mentions a selection of Stoic techniques you can choose between:

  1. Think of the sun rising and the cosmological perspective at the start of the day, to help you put things within a larger perspective.
  2. Imagine life as a festival, something to be appreciated from moment to moment, but accepted as transient and finite.
  3. Calmly and rationally plan your day ahead, in accord with your core values and conception of virtue.
  4. Plan your preferences, fate permitting, accepting the possibility of failure, even the worst-case scenario, with the Stoic “reserve clause” in mind.
  5. Imagine responding to events with the Stoic cardinal virtues (or your own conception of virtue).
  6. Meet adversity by asking yourself what resources nature has given you to rise above them and make the best of the situation.
  7. Consider how a wise philosopher like Socrates or Zeno, or anyone exhibiting virtue, might handle things.
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