Download Audio Recording

This MP3 audio recording contains some simple relaxation followed by a script describing basic Stoic values and attitudes, which you should contemplate and mentally-rehearse each day.  The Stoics didn’t expect people just to agree with them but to rationally evaluate the truth of their doctrines for themselves.  So we assume there will be two ways of using this recording:

  1. If you’re new to Stoicism you may just want to listen to and contemplate the ideas in a detached manner, giving yourself a chance to critically-evaluate them later.
  2. If you’ve come to agree with some, or all, of these ideas, or share similar values, you might want to use this as an opportunity to absorb them more deeply.

The Stoics believed it was important to continually remind themselves of their core philosophical doctrines and values so that they would come to gradually permeate their character and behaviour.  Marcus Aurelius did this by writing down hundreds of memorable sayings, which formulate related Stoic ideas in different ways, thereby immersing himself in contemplation of their meaning.  Some people find it extremely helpful just to relax and listen contemplatively to some basic Stoic attitudes being described.

How to Use the Recording

Just press play on the embedded audio player below to listen to the recording on your computer. We recommend that you use headphones for this. You can also right-click to download the Stoic Attitudes Meditation exercise audio recording in MP3 format, so that you can play it back on your computer, mobile device, or MP3 player.

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