The Research Project

The first time this course ran we collected data from around 500 participants for the purposes of research on Stoic practice.  By enrolling on the course you agree to provide a valid email contact address and your real name.  We require you to use your real name because it’s better for collaboration with other students if people aren’t using pseudonyms.  We want to create a safe and transparent atmosphere for online learning and peer support.

Although we’re not currently collecting data, you will have the opportunity to complete our main questionnaire.  Many people told us they found completing the Stoic Attitudes and Behaviours Scale (SABS) extremely helpful as a way of understanding Stoicism.  It also helped people to evaluate their own attitudes in relation to Stoic philosophy.  You’ll be able to do that  on the next page.

We’re very grateful for the time you take in completing these forms.  You’ll be helping other people by doing it and we encourage you to support others via social networks and the discussion forums.

You’ll receive email confirmations automatically when you complete the online form, containing information on your scores.  So it’s essential that you provide a valid email address.  Check your email within a few hours.  If you haven’t received a confirmation then check it’s not been blocked by your spam filter.

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