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Plato’s Academy Centre virtual conference on Sat 3rd Dec

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We’re looking forward to the forthcoming Plato’s Academy Centre virtual conference, titled Ancient Philosophy for Modern Leadership. I’ve been planning this event for several years, hoping to bring together a wide variety of academics, CEOs, and other leaders to discuss how ancient philosophies such as Stoicism can help us understand the role of leaders in the modern world.

This is very timely event! We see one leadership crisis after another, in business, education, government, and the military. Philosophy can teach us not only how to become better leaders ourselves but also what to expect from our leaders, and how to know good leaders from bad ones! The ancient Greek sage and lawmaker, Solon, likewise taught Athenians that to be a leader one must first of all learn how to be led by others.

We can also all learn more about how to raise the next generation of leaders, by becoming good parents and educators, as these too are leadership roles in our society. Finally, we must learn to lead ourselves, which is what philosophy promises to teach us, rather than being led by the nose, unwittingly, by Sophists and demagogues. To be a good teacher, you must first become a good student. “The greatest empire is to be emperor of oneself,” according to Seneca.

You will be hearing a wealth of inspirational and insightful talks from our stellar program of twenty speakers! Our two keynotes are Justin Stead, the president of the Aurelius Foundation, and CEO of Radley; and Prof. Nancy Sherman, from Georgetown University, author of Stoic Wisdom. We have presentations from many authors and experts, including former advisor to General Mattis, Mick Mulroy, CEO of Muck Rack, Gregory Galant, and Tom Morris, author of The Stoic Art of Living. I’ll also be giving a presentation on Socrates and Leadership.

Please share the details with your friends. Remember, these Plato’s Academy Centre events are completely free of charge. We welcome donations, of course, because they are necessary to fund the nonprofits continued work — including doing more of these events in the future. You’re able to enjoy these talks free, in other words, because someone else has made a donation, for which we’re very grateful. Thanks, as always, for your continued support!

Look forward to seeing you there,

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