Announcing: 365 Ways to be More Stoic

A new book on Stoicism by Tim LeBon and Kasey Pierce

Happiness, serenity, and fulfillment, according to Stoicism, are all within your control.

We’re delighted to announce the new book written by Tim LeBon, with editor Kasey Pierce, 365 WAYS TO BE MORE STOIC, published by John Murray Press, is now available for preorder from all good bookstores! Check out the listing on Amazon or visit the publisher’s website for other online retailers.

The hardback is due for publication in the UK on 10th November, and the ebook edition will also be released on that day in the UK, US, and internationally. (The US hardback can be pre-ordered now but will be released in 2023.)

The Amazon US Kindle edition is currently discounted by an amazing 65% — so don’t miss out on a bargain. You’ll also find discounts in other regions and bookstores. This book is eligible for Amazon’s preorder price guarantee, which basically means the sooner you order it the more likely you are to get it at an even better price!

“Spend a year with Tim LeBon learning ways to be more Stoic. It may change your life, for the better.” — Massimo Pigliucci, Prof. of Philosophy at the City College of New York, author of How to Be a Stoic

365 WAYS TO BE MORE STOIC is a full year’s worth of daily inspiration, tools, stories, actions, and rituals that will guide you to a meaningful life, filled with happiness. It is a simple, list-driven, practical guide that will allow you to immediately begin putting Stoic wisdom into practice in your daily life. Each short chapter makes Stoicism fun to read about and easily digestible, presenting ideas in engaging, bite-size chunks.

Immerse yourself in stoicism right from the first chapter, through prompts, concepts, challenges, inspiration, quotes, examples, quizzes and case-studies. You’ll learn to navigate through the controllable and inevitable. You’ll develop constructive ways to handle frustration, adversity and even your own mortality. You’ll learn habit-forming strategies, pick up helpful concepts, and uncover tips for lasting change. This fun and engaging manual will help you live like a Stoic in the modern world.

We’re pleased to see that it is currently #1 bestseller in the Amazon US Hot New Release category for Greek and Roman Philosophy.

365 WAYS TO BE MORE STOIC focuses on the small stuff you can do every day to live a happier and wiser life. Because when you get the little things right, the big things follow.

Want to learn more? Please feel free to contact Kasey with any questions.

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4 replies on “Announcing: 365 Ways to be More Stoic”

In an already crowded market for Stoic introductory texts, what do you think this text offers that’s different or better? I know Tim and Kasey are well-credentialed; I am just trying to get a sense of what this book might offer the community that’s different from Holiday’s / Pigliucci & Lopez’s/ Brittany Polat’s work. I’ll buy it obviously 🙂 but just trying to get a sense of what you think differentiates it.

Hello SB!

First off, thank you so much for your readership, it’s very much appreciated. Secondly, as a CBT practitioner, Tim believes (as do I) that if one is to adopt a whole new framework to their outlook-aka a philosophy-it is something that must be actively practiced on the daily. Every few entries features an interactive CBT exercise that encourages the reader to practice, apply, and adopt. 365 was created for the “every person”. It is less for those readers into classics and history but geared toward those who are interested in how Stoicism can offer freedom and *lasting* happiness; breaking the philosophy down into tools handed down by the ancient Stoics that has become the foundation of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I was hired to translate CBT and Stoic philosophy for that “every person” because that’s who I am–someone who has shaped their life path by finding redemption through Stoicism and CBT exercises (like stress inoculation, the view from above etc.) This book also features personal vignettes from popular Stoic influencers that tell of real-life situations that speak *to* the reader, not at them, making the philosophy that much more accessible.

I would recommend this book for the Stoic-curious, fans of self-improvement, or simply those who have yet to see Stoicism as “therapeía”.

I hope that helps. 🙂

Hey Kasey, thanks very much for the detailed response. You have given an excellent run down and helped immensely.

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