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Use these Three Simple Techniques in Daily Life

Stoicism has experienced a surge in popularity over recent years, especially during the pandemic. It can provide people with a philosophy of life that holds the promise of greater emotional resilience. Today, the original Greek philosophy is known mainly through the works of three famous Stoics from the Roman imperial period: Seneca, Epictetus, and Marcus Aurelius. It’s also been popularized by modern authors such as Ryan Holiday and Massimo Pigliucci. I’m the author of several books that compare Stoic advice to techniques used in modern cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). So my focus is on how we can all benefit by applying Stoicism in the modern world.

Many people are unclear about how the philosophy is meant to be lived.

There is already a huge amount of Stoic self-help advice available on the Internet but I still find many people are unclear about how the philosophy is meant to be lived. It’s partly because Stoicism is quite a complex philosophy, with a lot of literature. That can make it confusing for people looking for a place to start applying it in daily life. So let’s keep things as simple and practical as possible in order answer the common question: How do I actually put Stoicism into practice in daily life?

  1. The Dichotomy of Control
  2. Cognitive Distancing
  3. The Goal of Life

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2 replies on “Medium: How to Actually Practice Stoicism”

Awesome, straightforward descriptions of methods of seeing, knowing, and coping with thyself!

And for learning how to be more resilient and happier in our so-imperfect human lives – with much greater virtue and goodness than before! 👏👏

I had the very good fortune to find Donald Robertson some 5 years ago. His teachings and approach to life became the initial foundation for a new life for me. I have the very good fortune to have crossed paths with others who share the love of stoicism and it’s potential effects on how we live and see the world. We live in the time of constant distraction. For myself Stoicism has provided me the tools to better cope. We’re I a wizard and had more time on this planet I would develop a course to be taught in school to provide our youths what needed emotionaly to survive. There are far too many suffering from mental illness. Stoicism can provide an escape from the world as they see it.

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