New Download: Marcus Aurelius Poster

I’m delighted to announce that the print quality version of the poster for my forthcoming graphic novel on the life and philosophy of Marcus Aurelius is now available. The artist Ze Nuno Fraga has created something you can print out and put on your wall, or you can use the web version as a background on your phone.

I said I’d put this online when we reached 100 Amazon reviews for How to Think Like a Roman Emperor: The Stoic Philosophy of Marcus Aurelius and we’re way past that now so here’s your poster! Thanks everyone.

You’ll need to download the print quality TIF using this link – it’s a large file.

You can preview the web version below. Don’t ask me loads of questions about the project, though, because it’s early days and so I can’t actually provide more details yet! (You’ll have to be patient.)

Thanks for your support,

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Marcus Aurelius Poster (Web Quality)
Web version of the poster by Ze Nuna Fraga.

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