Announcing: Stoicism Netherlands Discussion Group

We’re pleased to announce the creation of a new Facebook discussion group for people interested in Stoicism who are based in the Netherlands, or Flanders, or speak Dutch.

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Donald Robertson will also be hosting a free “coffee and Stoicism” meeting on Friday 27th September at 1pm in the Vascobelo coffee shop, inside the Scheltema book store, in Amsterdam. Everyone is welcome…

Facebook Event Listing: Coffee and Stoicism in Amsterdam

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  1. Hi Robert,
    Great that you’re visiting The Netherlands! I hope you have a wonderfull time here. I would have loved to meet you coming Friday. However you planned the meeting on the time of the great Worldwide Climate strike the 27th. I’ll be taking part in this with my daughter in our ‘Political’ capital The Hague, 13:00 hours.
    Still enjoy!

    Comradly greetings,

    Herrie Hoogenboom

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