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Save 35% off How to Think Like a Roman Emperor on Amazon US

How to Think Like a Roman Emperor

Save 35% off the list price if you order the best selling hardback now from Amazon US. Also available in audiobook and ebook formats.

How to Think Like a Roman Emperor: The Stoic Philosophy of Marcus Aurelius was a #1 best seller in philosophy, has been nominated for two literary awards, and has received an average five star rating from reviewers on Amazon, leading it to be listed as one of their “top-rated” ancient philosophy titles by Amazon. The audiobook edition also became a best seller on Audible.

Robertson distills the emperor’s philosophy into useful mental habits… displays a sound knowledge of Marcus’ life and thought… accessible prose style contributes to its appeal… a convincing case for the continuing relevance of an archetypal philosopher-king.

The Wall Street Journal

You can now preview the Kindle version via the link below:

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I am commenting in response to getting an email to buy the book. But I bought the book already and read it already(!). It is a great book that gives insight into Marcus’ character and what stoicism is. Its an interesting mix of philosophy history and psychology. With this author, you don’t just get a book, you get a tireless educator who answers questions on his facebook page, and has emails he sends for free (if you sign up), to help you understand Marcus/Epictetus/stoicism. (Maybe Seneca, next?). Mr. Robertson, you have expanded my perspective on how to live a good life. Thank you.

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