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There’s something unusual about the final chapter of my latest book How to Think Like a Roman Emperor: The Stoic Philosophy of Marcus Aurelius. It describes the dying moments of the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius from his own, first person, perspective. It was deliberately intended to resemble a guided meditation script, with the knowledge in mind that some people would be listening to it on audiobook. I’m pleased that people have noticed this. Some have said they’ve listened to it repeatedly, maybe five or six times already.

At first my publisher considered using voice actor to record the audiobook but we finally decided that I should record it myself. So I went to Voodoo Highway studios in Toronto. It had to be completed quickly because I was due to fly to Carnuntum in Austria. So we had some long recording sessions, maybe eight or more hours more or less straight at the microphone. On the final day, I brought my suitcase and after we finished I jumped in a taxi straight to the airport.

The audiobook version, available from Audible, has been extremely popular and has already been reviewed by well over a hundred individuals. The overall rating currently stands at 4.8 out of five stars. You can read the reviews online. A lot of people have told me they purchased both the hardback and audiobook versions.

You can also listen to a sample clip from the audiobook using the Soundcloud app below…

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