Live from Carnuntum: How to Think Like a Roman Emperor

Carnuntum Museum in Austria

I’m delighted to announce a special event to celebrate the publication of my latest book, How to Think Like a Roman Emperor: The Stoic Philosophy of Marcus Aurelius.

I’ll be travelling to Austria for the anniversary of Marcus Aurelius’ death on 17th March and staying in Vienna, where he died (according to some accounts). I’ll also be staying at the Marc Aurel hotel at nearby Carnuntum, the site of the Roman fortress from which Marcus commanded the legions during the Marcomannic Wars, the location where he says he wrote The Meditations.

I’ll be broadcasting videos, creating exclusive content, and doing Ask Me Anything events live from these locations in Austria. (Thanks are due to Adam Piercey, who will be assisting me and shooting video during the trip.)

I’ll be in Vienna on 15th and 16th March. I’ll then in Carnuntum, from 17th-22nd March. Carnuntum is the site of several archeological sites and a museum whose staff have agreed to provide support and answer interview questions about the history of the site for this event.

If you’re a podcaster, vlogger, or blogger, and want to interview me about Marcus Aurelius, or Stoicism, live from either Vienna or Carnuntum, please get in touch now to make arrangements.

How to Think Like a Roman Emperor

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