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Audio Version of How to Think Like a Roman Emperor

Roman Emperor Audio CoverThe digital audio version of How to Think Like a Roman Emperor: The Stoic Philosophy of Marcus Aurelius is now available to pre-order from Audible.

How to Think Like a Roman Emperor on Audible

This book’s particularly well suited to audio because the final chapter was written specifically so that it could be read aloud, a bit like a cross between a story and a guided meditation exercise.

You can also pre-order the audio CD version from Amazon US.

Roman Emperor Cover Audio CD

4 replies on “Audio Version of How to Think Like a Roman Emperor”

As far as I know the audio CD comes out on April 2nd so I’m assuming Audible is the same date, but I could be wrong.

Hi Donald good job with Audiobook. Any idea if the UK Audible will get it too? Looks like US version is available for Pre-order not the UK store.

Sorry. I don’t know. You’d need to contact St. Martin’s, the publisher, for more information about that, I think.

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