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Preliminary Data from Stoic Mindfulness and Resilience Training (SMRT) 2018

Stoic Mindfulness and Resilience Training (SMRT) 2018 is underway.  Just over 3,000 people have enrolled to take part this year.  Tim LeBon has already got some initial data from the questionnaires.  This word cloud shows the main reasons people gave for taking part:

SMRT 2018 Word Cloud68.5% of participants are male and 30.5% female.

SMRT 2018 Gender

Most participants were aged 26-55.

SMRT 2018 Ages

When asked where they live the top five responses from participants were:

  1. United States 37.2%
  2. United Kingdom 22.5%
  3. Canada 7.8%
  4. Australia 3.5%
  5. Germany 3.1%

31.8% said they had no knowledge of Stoicism or would describe themselves as novices.  58.8% had never taken part in SMRT or Stoic Week before.  However, 26.9% had taken part in SMRT or Stoic Week “more than five” times already.  So there’s both a lot of newcomers and a lot of people who repeat these courses more or less every year.  45.7% of participants said that they didn’t consider themselves Stoics or weren’t sure, whereas the rest identified themselves as being Stoics to some degree.

We have a lot of other data from responses to the SPANE and Satisfaction with Life questionnaires, and Stoic Attitudes and Behaviours Scale (SABS) but I’ll leave that for another article.

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