Stoicism Program on The Forum (BBC World Service)

Older MarcusI recently took part in a radio program titled Calm in the Chaos: The Story of the Stoics.  It’s an episode of a show called The Forum on the BBC World Service.  Profs. Nancy Sherman and Massimo Pigliucci were fellow guests on the panel, hosted by Bridget Kendall.  I’m currently living in Athens, so I travelled across town to the studios of the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERP) to take part in the recording.  It went out on the radio yesterday so you can now listen online.

Listen to Calm in the Chaos: The Story of the Stoics

You can also download the recording as a free podcast from the BBC website:

Download the Podcast from the BBC

Here’s the link to the recording on  iTunes:

Download the Podcast from iTunes

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