Script: Stoicism for Pain Control

Porcia CatonisUpdated: I’ve recorded the demo version of the audio exercise and constructed the beta version of the free mini-course.  All the draft materials from this post have been revised and moved to the e-learning site now.  You can still view the transcript via the link below, underneath the demo audio download.

Demo Audio Exercise for Stoic Pain Management

Action Plan

  1. Write draft script for audio exercise, obtain feedback, and revise. – DONE
  2. Record demo version of audio exercise. – DONE
  3. Prepare e-learning site to host free mini-course. – DONE
  4. Prepare draft instructions and other resources. – DONE
  5. Record demo introductory video.
  6. Publish beta version of mini-course.
  7. Obtain feedback from beta testers via online questionnaires.
  8. Revise content.
  9. Re-record final versions of audio and video at higher quality.

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