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Socrates billboardI designed my Crash Course on Socrates to be a fairly concise introduction to his life and philosophy.  It only takes about fifteen minutes to complete.

You’ll learn the basics and hopefully a few things even students of philosophy and the classics might not have heard before.  My goal was to make sure there’s something for everyone.

It includes a video, quiz, favourite quotes, recommended reading, and other resources.  All completely free of charge.

Thank you, Donald! Your presentation on Socrates was excellent as an introduction and it’s well worth the short amount of time required to learn of the influences Socrates had on the ancient world, as well as modern societies in the West. 🙂 – Bill Hewitson

Concise and enlightening resource, Socrates was such an important catalyst for western philosophical thinking. – Andrew Cowan

Amazing and deeply inspiring lecture about my favorite philosopher. 🙂 What a meaningful way to start a day, thank you so much, Mr. Robertson. – Noemi Wasserbauer

I will never look at the market in the same way again. – Bob Vermoolen

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