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You can now sign up for my new email course on the Stoic Handbook of Epictetus.

You’ll receive one email per week for a year.  The Handbook is divided into 53 passages so each email contains one passage with my commentary underneath.  So the entire course lasts about one year.

Just enter your email below and you’ll immediately receive the first welcome email.

The Stoic Handbook

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5 thoughts on “Sign up for my free email course on Epictetus”

  1. Thanks Donald,

    Epictetus Teachings are very sound and applicable to our daily lives.

    “First decide who you will be, then what you will do ” Epictetus

    “Men sell themselves at many different prices; first determine if is worthy for you
    to hold the chamber pot and receive stripes ” Epictetus

  2. Sounds like a great idea. I signed up but didn’t get the welcome email. Just checking to make sure there wasn’t a bug with then website and it didn’t sign me up. Thanks

    1. I searched your email and the database says Subscribed on Jul 03, 2018 at 7:25am EDT but the system says you also cancelled your subscription and registered a complaint with the email service provider on the same day. So that’s why it’s not sending you any emails. Maybe that was unintentional? It may have been done automatically by your ISP if it flagged the email as spam. You can fix that by adding the domain to your email client’s safe senders’ list and/or adding the email address to your contacts.

      1. That’s strange about the cancellation/complaint because that wasn’t done by me. I just entered my first name and email, but never received the confirmation email. Maybe AOL is blocking it at the server and not even sending it to my spam folder.

        I attempted to sign up again a few minutes ago and didn’t get the confirmation email tonight either. It’s not going to my spam folder either so not sure what’s blocking it.

        I just tried with an alternate gmail email address and got the email so it obviously is being blocked by AOL.

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