Roundup of Videos on Stoicism

Stoic TelevisionI’ve been doing quite a few video interviews and webinars about Stoicism over the past year or so. Here’s a roundup of some of them.

  1. Short webinar on Socrates, Stoicism and Cognitive Therapy.
  2. My Introduction to Stoicism talk from the Stoicon 2017 conference on Modern Stoicism in Toronto.
  3. My talk on Stoicism, Mindfulness and Cognitive Therapy from the Stoicon 2016 conference on Modern Stoicism in New York.
  4. Interview about Stoicism in the modern world with Philip Ghezelbash.
  5. My workshop on Stoicism and Love from the Stoicon 2015 conference in London.
  6. The original pilot webinar for the Stoic Mindfulness and Resilience Training (SMRT) online course.
  7. Interview on Stoicism and Online Communities with Justin Vacula.
  8. Round table discussion about applying Stoicism at work, in prisons, in the military, and online from Stoicon 2014 in London.
  9. Video review of Little Stoics Children’s Books with my daughter, Poppy.
  10. Review of my book The Philosophy of Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (2010) by Brian Johnson.
  11. Interview for Meet the Modern Stoics with Scott Perry.
  12. Interview on Stoicism, Anxiety, and OCD for The OCD Stories.
  13. The Stoic Handbook of Epictetus, video slideshow.
  14. Review of The Philosophy of Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (2010) by Frode Osen.
  15. Introduction to Stoic Exercises Webinar
  16. Unboxing Ryan Holiday’s Memento Mori coin
  17. Marcus Aurelius in the Roman Histories
  18. Marcus Aurelius: Stoicism and Anger
  19. The Stoicism of Marcus Aurelius: Practical Tips
  20. What is Modern Stoicism?
  21. Video book review of Diogenes by M.D. Usher with my daughter, Poppy.


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