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🎁 Happy birthday, Marcus Aurelius!

Marcus Aurelius was born 26th April, 121 AD.

So to celebrate his birthday, here are some links to free downloads related to Marcus Aurelius from my e-learning site:

Marcus Young and OldAnd I have a special announcement: my new book about his life and philosophy, How to Think Like a Roman Emperor, has just been listed on Amazon.  Although it’s not available until January 2019, you can pre-order a copy now:

How to Think Like a Roman Emperor (2019) on Amazon

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1. Marcus Aurelius in the Roman Histories

I created this unique e-book containing excerpts about the life of Marcus Aurelius from three Roman histories: Cassius Dio, Herodian, and the Historia Augusta. If you want to find out more about Marcus Aurelius the man, you should definitely read this. Go straight to the ancient sources!

2. The Eulogium on Marcus Aurelius

My favourite book on the life and philosophy of Marcus Aurelius. Portrays his Stoic teacher, Apollonius of Chalcedon, delivering a eulogy over his body on its return to Rome. You could read this in an afternoon and you’ll probably remember some of the passages for the rest of your life.

3. Marcus Aurelius HD Wallpapers

Our graphic designer, Rocio de Torres, created these HD desktop wallpapers with images of Marcus Aurelius and popular quotes from The Meditations so that you can use them on your computer to remind yourself of his Stoic wisdom.

4. The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius

Another e-book, this time the classic George Long translation of The Meditations, carefully adapted for EPUB, Kindle (MOBI) and PDF file formats so that you can download it free of charge and read on your device.

Hope you enjoy! And please feel free to share with your friends online.

As always, thanks for your support!

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