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Free Mini-Course on the Stoic Contemplation of Death

Marcus Skull BannerThis is a free mini-course about the Stoic Contemplation of Death. It’s the text of a book chapter divided across several screens, with the ability for your to add comments on each section and discuss with others. Beginners will be able to follow this but it’s probably also suitable to more experienced students of Stoicism because it focuses on a specific subject and draws on a wide variety of sources.

This chapter was originally intended for my Teach Yourselfbook Stoicism and the Art of Happiness (2014). However, the publisher didn’t include it because of space limitations. It was planned to add it as a bonus chapter to the e-book edition but it was left out by mistake. So I’ve made it available online for free.

One reply on “Free Mini-Course on the Stoic Contemplation of Death”

This is an excellent course of study. It’s a shame it had to be left out of the book.

Many thanks for making it available here. It’s exceptionally valuable.


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