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Some Reviews of Teach Yourself Stoicism

Initial reviews of the new book, Teach Yourself Stoicism (2013) by Donald Robertson.

Teach Yourself Stoicism Cover 2013Teach Yourself Stoicism was released a few months ago in the UK and is now available in the USA and other countries in both paperback and ebook format.  Here are some quotes from the initial reviews posted by readers on Amazon and Goodreads.

“If you’re new to Stoicism, get this book. If you’re a long-time Stoic, get this book. (Just get this book.) […] this is far and away the best introduction to the modern-day practice of Stoic philosophy you’ll find. Even those who have been practicing Stoics for a while are likely to find plenty of useful reminders and helpful suggestions in these pages. In other words, if you’re a Stoic, or you’re interested in Stoicism, you should get this book.” [Five stars] Michael Baranowski on Amazon.com

“A good read that makes a difficult topic comprehensible. Accurate with the modern emphasis on Stoicism as a way of life. Highly recommended.” [Five stars] “John” on Amazon.com

“Donald Robertson has written a great book. […] It is clearly written and packed with fascinating information about this ancient philosophy. As the ‘Teach Yourself’ name suggests, it is not simply and explanatory text but it provides practical advice and exercises which help a person put Stoic teachings to use in the modern world. If you are interested in how you can apply Stoicism to your life then I would recommend this book.” [Five stars] “Matt” on Amazon.co.uk

“Accessible and practical rather than academic. As such a worthwhile read.” [Five stars] “P” on Goodreads

“Extraordinary. Really recommend reading this book. Particularly liked the practical exercises for applying stoic philosophy to every day challenges. [Five stars] By Luis Antonio Marin Noriega
on Amazon.com

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