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Update about the forthcoming e-learning course on Stoic practice.

Stoic Week REDUXHi everyone,

Another quick update…  We now have nearly 300 registered users on the modernstoicism.com e-learning site.

The site was created to host online courses about Stoicism and its application to modern living.  The first course will be a four-week basic training in core Stoic practices, currently entitled Stoic Mindfulness and Resilience Training.  It’s due to begin on 19th May, although we’ll be asking people to enroll in the week prior to that to make sure initial intake forms are completed in time.  If you’ve not already done so, you can register on the main website now and enjoy some of the free resources we’ve made available on the front page:


We’ll be gathering data from participants before and after the four-week course, to compare results with those found in our previous studies.  The course will consist of readings, audio recordings, videos, and activities, designed to develop a specific set of key attitudes and behaviours associated with Stoic philosophy.

The course is still being developed and we encourage you to get involved by sharing your ideas.  The four sections we’re planning, as the general framework, are:

  • Introduction and Preparation.
    This will consist of a general orientation and preparation, as well as specific self-assessment and self-monitoring techniques, etc.  It will include some initial training exercises for mindfulness and living grounded in the present moment.
  • Stoic Values.
    This will focus on the role of values (virtues) in Stoic practice and psychological strategies for contemplating values and acting consistently with them, etc.
  • Stoic Mindfulness.
    This will focus on strategies associated with self-awareness and the self-management of troubling thoughts and feelings, etc.  It will include further training in mindfulness strategies and more specific exercises.
  • Stoic Resilience.
    This will focus on ways to consolidate learning and apply skills across a wider range of situations (generalisation of improvement), as well as maintaining improvements over the longer-term, and anticipating a range of future adversities.

The discussion forums are already open if you have any questions or comments about the project.  Some users are also working their own way through a revised version of the Stoic Week 2013 Handbook, which has daily readings and exercises.  If you want to join them, you can introduce yourself and post your comments on the following thread.

Stoic Week REDUX Discussion


Donald Robertson

2 replies on “News: Online Course on Stoicism”

I wonder if the concept of stoic philosophy will help me in my quest to withdraw from benzodiazepines. Instead of thinking my way through some difficulty two years ago I went the easy route which was to take medication. It turns out that this was a fatal error and I am having a huge problem withdrawing. Opinions?

I have Lupus. One side effect is that studies show that 98.2% of Lupus patients havechronic depression. For this reason, if you have Lupus, you are under orders to report to a psychiatrist once a month for 5 minutes, answer if you are feeling helpless or suicidal, get your paxil, and rinse, repeat. I do not tend toward depression but I do toward anxiety disorder, another Lupus side gift. For this, I get valuum in case of a panic attack. There was a time where I took at least one a day, but as I have progressed, I have cut the valuum out. Yes, CBT does work. You just have to go slow and keep due diligence.
It is very possible.

Good Luck.

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