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Review of The Philosophy of CBT on Politics of Wellbeing

Link to a review of The Philosophy of CBT on Jules Evans’ blog The Politics of Wellbeing

Review of The Philosophy of CBT

On Jules Evans’ Politics of Wellbeing Blog

Donald Robertson, a British therapist who is head of the UK College of CBT, has a new book out called The Philosophy of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, which looks at the roots of CBT in ancient Greek philosophy. Donald, like me, is fascinated by the role ancient Greco-Roman philosophy, particularly Stoicism, has played in inspiring the cognitive revolution in modern psychology, and has done a brilliant job at researching this influence, not just on the theoretical side of CBT, but also in terms of practical techniques which therapists use today.

Read the rest of Jules’ review on his blog…

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2 replies on “Review of The Philosophy of CBT on Politics of Wellbeing”

Going by the web article , the book should make fascinating reading. I’d love to buy it – but it seems not to be available in Canada, or at least in Toronto where I live. How can I get hold of a copy?

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