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[q_question title=”Stoic Indifferent Things” text=”According to Chrysippus and other Stoics, the main examples of indifferent things, being neither good nor bad, are listed as pairs of opposites. Which of these do the Stoics give as typical examples of things classed as indifferent?” options=”Life and death|Health and disease|Pleasure and pain|Beauty and ugliness|Strength and weakness|Wealth and poverty|Good reputation and bad reputation|Noble birth and low birth|Wisdom and folly|Justice and injustice|Courage and cowardice|Moderation and intemperance” answers=”1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8″ feedback=”Wisdom, justice, courage, and moderation, are the cardinal virtues, and their opposites are vices.  All of the other items on this list are given by the Stoics as examples things indifferent with regard to the goal of life.  Epictetus sums up the key Stoic indifferents as “health, wealth, and reputation”.” random=”true”]

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