Week 1: Orientation & Basics

Zeno of Citium, founder of Stoicism.

Week One will act as your introduction and orientation.  It will also involve some essential training in basic Stoic concepts and techniques, which provide a foundation for the rest of the course.  You’ll be practising a simple mindfulness meditation technique each day, to become more grounded in the “here and now”, while viewing your experiences from a detached perspective.  You’ll also learn a quick and easy self-monitoring technique, which will contribute to your self-awareness and help you track your progress.

These exercises are supported by a special “Stoic Attitudes” audio recording, which you’ll listen to daily, to contemplate what it would be like to think and act like a Stoic.  The central focus is on learning to distinguish more carefully between things that are “up to us” and those which are not.

Stoic Therapy Toolkit

Mini stoic therapy cover

Five-page summary of key Stoic ideas and practices for self-improvement.

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