Preliminary Knowledge Check

[q_question title=”Stoic Authors” text=”Pair the Stoic authors below with their writings.” items=”Seneca the Younger|Epictetus|Marcus Aurelius” options=”The Letters and Essays|The Discourses and Handbook|The Meditations|The Symposium” answers=”1,2,3″ feedback=”Seneca\’s main writings are usually called his Letters and Essays, Epictetus\’ Discourses and Handbook were actually based on notes taken from his classes by his student Arrian, and the Emperor Marcus Aurelius left only his private journal, which later became known as The Meditations. The Symposium is the title of one of Plato\’s dialogues, not a Stoic work.” random=”TRUE” /]

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Five-page summary of key Stoic ideas and practices for self-improvement.

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